• Heal your body from the inside out



    Our mission at Food Vibes is to simplify healthy eating.


    Thats why we are 100%



    Gluten Free

    Dairy Free


    Wild Caught

    Free Range


    Refined Sugar Free


    So you can trust that what you're eating is good for you and the planet.



  • Put an End to Plastic

    How are we doing our part?

    The Plastic Problem

    How does plastic get into the environment?

    The biggest contributor to the plastic problem is... you guessed it... US and our constant consumption for over 100 years since the first fully synthetic plastic was invented.


    Each year, the world produces 300 million tons of plastic. Half of that plastic is used once, and thrown away.

    Our Plastic Promise

    How we are doing our part to make a difference

    Our pledge is to eliminate all single use plastics from our operation. This is why we use biodegradable materials for all our meal prep containers.


    Let's end this plastic problem together!